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  • CESI employment commission president calls for ambitious trilogue agreement on more transparent and predictable working conditions

    News – EMI Dec 20, 2018 | 14:31 pm

    As the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament have adopted their mandates to enter into trilogue negotiations on a new EU directive on transparent and predictable working conditions, the President of CESI’s Employment and Social Affairs Commission, Javier Jordán[…]

  • EEB: It’s OFFICIAL: EU agrees unprecedented cuts to single-use plastics

    News – EMI Dec 20, 2018 | 14:09 pm

    After months of intense negotiations, the EU has agreed much-anticipated laws to slash single-use plastics in the EU. The agreed text is a significant step forward in tackling plastic pollution, but does not fully address the urgency of the plastics[…]

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  • EM UK: The demand for a People’s Vote is growing

    News – EMI Dec 20, 2018 | 14:05 pm

    “SSTIE Brexitometer evidence shows that The demand for a People’s Vote is growing” As part of the People’s Vote National Action Day on Saturday 8th December, SSTIE were joined by some residents of Tonbridge from other groups and most encouragingly by several[…]

  • EM Ireland: European Council Summit, 13-14 December 2018

    News – EMI Dec 20, 2018 | 13:47 pm

    EU leaders met in Brussels on 13-14 December for the final European Council Summit of the year to discuss a wide range of issues including: the Multiannual Financial Framework; the Single Market; migration; and external relations.  On Thursday, EU leaders[…]

  • College of Europe: Language and professional skills for a European and international career

    News – EMI Dec 20, 2018 | 13:34 pm

    During their academic year in the European Interdisciplinary Studies programme at the Natolin campus, our students can take advantage of the extensive offer of the Natolin Language Service and the Natolin Careers Service. Both services feature comprehensive tailor-made solutions to prepare College of Europe graduates for[…]


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Consiglio Italiano del Movimento Europeo
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Movimento Europeo


E' una rete di organizzazioni che mobilita cittadini e sostiene un'unione democratica, federale e allargata dal 1948.

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